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1.  All Customers must have appropriate means of payment for their journey. Which includes tendering the monetary value or valid travel pass. 

2.  The Company and it's Drivers reserve the right to refuse travel on any Company vehicles, to  any person/s who would appear to be  under the influence of drugs/alcohol/other substances effecting their behaviour. If customers do not present themselves or act in an  appropriate manner in a public area they may be asked to leave the vehicle  for health & safety reasons to protect the passengers an staff on board.   

3.  The Company shall not be responsible for any personal items or possessions that are carried by persons onto our vehicles.  Any left items that are received, not perishable, may be stored at the depot for collection.

4.  The carriage of Guide Dogs is, of course, permitted as standard.  However, it is the Driver's discretion to decide if any other dog's may be carried.  (Not more than 1 dog may be permitted on the vehicle at any one time). Kindly note animals are not allowed to sit on the passenger seating.

5.  At times it may not be possible to carry Prams and Wheel-Chairs together due to limited space.  If this problem arises the driver will make a decision but please be aware it may be necessary to wait for the next service.

6.   Personal hygiene  must not be intrusive to any passengers or staff on board the vehicle.  Which includes but is not limited to  soiled clothing/footwear.  If odour is severely apparent it may become necessary to reject travel, please do not take offence if this occurs kindly rectify prior to your  next journey.

7.  All Customers  are asked that they must not cause offence or harm to any staff or other passengers, be it physical or verbal.  Anyone no adhering to this rule will be asked to leave the vehicle or may be ejected using reasonable force via the Police authorities and may be excluded from further travel.

8.  We ask all Customers to be extremely vigilant at all times when on or around our vehicles.  In the interest of Healthy and Safety and Security please report any anomalies to the driver and/or the office. Or in the event of an emergency dial 999. or 112

9.  We do not carry hazardous materials on board, which includes but is not limited to flammable/odorous  substances such as paint/petrol etc.

10.  Any complaints or comments, regarding your journey/staff please direct these to our office via telephone communication. If after this you are still unsatisfied with the result then please put your complaint/comments in writing within one week of the date of your journey to which we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory reply within a month.  Your statutory rights are not affected. .

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